The “Personal Branding” expert

Anita Tejwani, Founder & CEO— Wings To Wills
Anita Tejwani is a Poet, an Author and an Entrepreneur with zeal. Having worked with people of various backgrounds and understanding their journeys as a journalist, she happened to observe the way few people carried themselves- their stories, their heroic acts, the narrations, the books on them, their social profiles etc. She realised that here was a loop hole which kept people away from the term of “Personal Branding”. This gave birth to the idea Wings To Wills, a venture that aims to provide cost effective and long lasting branding services to emerging individuals in various fields.

Anita is proud to be selected by the India Book Of Records for the Youngest Journalist of India for accomplishing a feat of interviewing inspiring people from 26 countries at just a mere age of 19. A phrase which inspires her to face the odds in this entrepreneurial journey is “Bas Uddna Hai” which means Just Wanna Fly ! 

Anita shares with team ABT, her story of setting up Wings to Wills.

Please describe your business proposition and what makes you confident that its a winning proposition?
Wings To Wills is an offbeat Personal Branding Venture which helps budding artists, authors, poets, chefs, etc to showcase their talent to a larger audience by building a brand that is authentic. We provide services like Social Media & Conventional Media, Fashion & Personal Styling, Talk Shows & Speaker opportunities, Relevant Events Across India, Online Presence and a 360 degree Brand Assessment. WTW is for people who really wish to bring their work/talent in front of the larger audience and be known for it. When I saw that people “will” to become famous for their work, be known as an author or chef or artist, its when the concept of providing all that it takes to fulfill this will came into existence in the form of “wings” for their flight from Dreams To Reality and hence called Wings To Wills. There is no other startup or organization providing anything similar and the number of artists who wish to create a Brand Image is high, hence building a confidence that WTW is a winning proposition. 

What was the key factor(s) that led you to take the plunge?
Having been a journalist for an year and interviewing close to 300 inspiring personalities, I realized how people would grab opportunities in their life span and hence were able to give out an story that can inspire or teach. But many of them just did one simple thing which would be inspiring but no story could be crafted! This brought me to a point where I wished to make people have the opportunities to grab and add them to story of their lives and hence craft a story that was rare, inspiring, experienced, etc.  With the support of family, friends and mentors there was nothing that could stop me from taking the plunge to fulfill this dream of mine. 

How did you manage the initial capital?
As and when Wings To Wills started- at the age of 20 years, I was working with Mukunda Foods Pvt Ltd – Makers of the World’s First Table Top Dosa Making Machine, as a Business Development Officer and the income generated from the job along with some savings managed to be the initial capital. 

What were the first 90 days like?
Wings To Wills has gone through a lot of pivot in the initial months which was by understanding the mistakes and solving them with help of mentors. The idea of crafting new stories- building brands was clear but the ways one can build a successful brand for themselves came after a span of 2 months. these were quite crucial in the formation of a venture that wants to last long enough for artists to be known and appreciated. 

Have you managed to raise any funding — angel / seed, etc?
I am proud to say that Wings To Wills shall soon be on the list of top bootstrapped startups, although we haven’t reached close to the break-even point, but we believe that Wings To Wills shall be doing great if the work continues the present way.

What is your guiding philosophy when it comes to doing business?
Connecting with the hearts of the customers and leaving them with a feeling of satisfaction has always been my motto. People do business with the ones they trust and building this trust is what leads to making the business a sustainable one. 80% of the focus must be on the things we can achieve by ourselves and the rest 20% happens as a result of that achievement. 

Where do you see yourself 3 years from now?
Well, if I achieve the happiness to work with people and help them achieve their goals in the best ways possible and help them excel by connecting to the rarest opportunities which makes them stand out & build and maintain that successful brand, then I shall be the happiest person ever! 🙂