Managing the Non-Core tasks in business, enhancing productivity

Nelia Monet, Founder –

Nelia graduated as a nurse but has always been inclined in business. She worked as an executive assistant for one and a half years then decided to run her own executive assistants startup, based on the experience that she gained through various networking and learnings. Her company came to life in 2016.  So far, after 4 months of running it, the high point in her career is being able to keep clients; happy and trusting the work they do.

“We specialize in the minor details so you can focus on the much bigger picture” says Nelia. While productivity hacks and technology help increase productivity, they have their limits. manages non-core tasks such as diary management, travel arrangements, customer enquiries and administrative tasks through team of executive assistants,  that enables the focus to run and progress the teams, departments or business. She shares her experience with team ABT.

What has been your most challenging assignment so far?
As of the time being, I’m just learning the ropes around this. I think it’s a learning process, each client is very unique. Providing the right value to every client is a challenge in itself.

Who is your greatest inspiration and why?
My greatest (work) inspiration is Hugh Mason, cause of the work he has done with JFDI. And because he is a kind person who keeps his colleagues engaged in what he does.

What is that one milestone in your life that makes you happy?
That one milestone in my life that makes me happy is being able to decide to finally do what I’m more passionate about than what is expected of me – to run a business and work hard to make it a success.

How do you / did you believe in making dreams come true?
I believed in myself and my ability to making my dreams come true, no matter what I faced I told myself I can do it, and I will do it. It hasn’t been easy but as the cliché goes – it totally is worth it!

Do you feel there are more opportunities for women today to create a niche for themselves? Tell us more.
I strongly believe so. Women have so much potential and are smart enough to do what they set their minds to as long as they stay focused! We are now relatively freer, that is, no one’s stopping us from getting the education we want, from obtaining information we need, and from chasing our passions or putting our skills to use.

Did you face any setbacks? What were the lessons learnt?
Yes, I have. The main lesson I have learned through it all is to believe that I will succeed and I will make it happen.

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