Encouraging failure at times can be Productive: Srividya Maliwal

Srividya Maliwal, Chief Producer -Playware Studios Asia

With over 25 years experience in technology-enabled learning, Srividya has focused on evangelising “bringing games to the classroom”; with game based learning and gamification using mobile and internet technologies in order to create natural pathways to learning and training for educational and corporate institutions worldwide.

Srividya Maliwal was the President of the Serious Games Association in 2014 -2015. Playware Studios is a Singapore based EdTech company using best practices in games-technology for teaching and learning. We are a small company with global ambitions; leading the charge for ushering in mobile, digital learning environments for 21st century learning.

Playware Studios aims to bring games to every classroom in the world. While research has convinced educators and trainers of the effectiveness of using games in the classroom, digital games in their current form are too expensive or inflexible for classrooms to adopt. To tackle this, Playware pioneered the concept of “Gamelets” in learning environments — short-form game with 3D immersive virtual world content — that can be easily created, distributed, played and assessed.

With a dynamic and professional multi-disciplinary team based in Singapore, Playware Studios’ team draws from such diverse backgrounds as video games, television, electronics, comics, e-learning and marketing. The team is adept in the art and science of mixed and multi-modal multimedia experience crafting.
Playware has released over 200 games and experiences across multiple platforms in different genres. Of these some 50 games are serious games used for primary, secondary, tertiary and adult education and training.