Making after-school learning convenient

Tarun Mor – Founder, LearnMor

LearnMor brings freedom to the process of learning by connecting teachers and students in a way never imagined before. It is a platform for students around the world to get the tutors they need, at the price they can afford to pay. LearnMor is also a portal for tutors to find students who are passionate to learn the subject they want to teach. It is an excellent resource for tutors to find students that they would never have had before.

What is LearnMor? What is the issue that the venture is trying to address and what makes you confident that it is a winning proposition.

LearnMor is on a personal mission to make it extremely easy to hire home tutors. Parents and students can get tutors for any academic and non-academic topic through LearnMor such as, maths and science or guitar and piano.The reason we started-up LearnMor was because we saw a huge gap in the afterschool tutor hiring process. Parents found it extremely hard to get good home tutors and had to deal with a lot of unprofessionalism. On the other hand, lot of good tutors found it hard to connect to students. That is the reason we believe a service like LearnMor could come in, which would make the tutor hiring process seamless for parents and students, and at the same time give tutors access to students around their area, with an opportunity to earn and make a difference.

LearnMor uses automation, a unique matching algorithm, a two-way rating system and location technology, along with leverage from growing mobile usage and on-demand growth to provide a great product, quality tutors and an exceptional user experience.

The private tutoring market in India is worth $23 billion and we believe that we have the right team and product proposition to make LearnMor the biggest tutoring platform in the world 

What was the key factor/s that led you to take the plunge?

Ekta and I were keen on making a difference! We thought entrepreneurship in the education space was the right route to create a big impact. One day during an event organized by Start-up Victoria (in Melbourne), a conversation with a tutor sparked the idea LearnMor. Since, then the idea completely occupied my brain and I could not help but further explore the opportunity. After an initial research and validation from the market, I decided to leave my job in Melbourne and moved back to Hyderabad to work on the idea full time.

Where did you meet your other co-founders / business partners? Please describe each one briefly.

Ekta Bansal Mor, my wife, also my co-founder is my partner-in-life and partner-in-crime. She is Chartered Accountant by profession and has worked previously for Ernst & Young for 6 years. Gurpinder Singh, is our techie-hacker, he has an MSc IT degree from Punjab Technical University (PTU) and has over 10 years of experience in Web and App development. We saw his previous work through a freelancing website and approached him to join us as a co-founder. I, Tarun Mor, have an MBA from Swinburne University, Australia. I previously ran a bootstrapped start-up from Melbourne. Now, onto making a bigger difference.

How did you manage the initial capital?

I pooled in some cash from my savings.

What were the first 90 days like?

First 90 days were fun and chaotic at the same time. We spend those days mainly trying to hire the right people for our team, speaking to our potential customers and building a viable minimum product.

Have you managed to raise any funding angel / seed, etc?

We haven’t raised any funds yet.

What is the revenue stream & profitability?

We have over 4,500 tutors and over 700 requests received from parents. We take a success fee on the tuition fees every month. The focus currently is on building a scalable product.

What is your guiding philosophy when it comes to doing business?

We believe that good teachers make great human beings! We want to impact millions of children through our product and we come every day to work, to do just that.

Where do you see yourself 3 years from now?

We want to grow LearnMor by 10x in the next 6 months and in 3 years become the biggest after school learning platform in India.