Playing cupid for differently abled

Kalyani Khona Co-Founder, Inclov

She is all of 23 years and already an entrepreneur! Kalyani co-founded Inclov, a match-making mobile app and has commercially launched it a few days back. But do not mistake it for just another match-making app in the market making tall claims. This one is different and with a meaningful purpose. Inclov is the world’s first matchmaking app focusing on twirties, people with disability, and with health disorders to find love (

Kalyani is an AIESEC alumnus and was the Vice-President of AISECs 67th International Congress 2015 which was held in India. It is an annual leadership summit that brings together over 900 young leaders from 126 countries, CEOs/Global HR heads of 60+ multinational companies, eminent personalities, media giants and over 70,000 virtual participants.  It is the only event in the world that brings cultures and young leaders from over 126 countries under one roof.

In 2014, Kalyani started Wanted Umbrella (which is now Inclov). She wanted to challenge the conventional idea of matchmaking and help everyone find their special someone. In 2014, Kalyani and her team started Wanted Umbrella which was a matchmaking boutique agency focusing on people with disability and special needs. To widen their audience base and ensure everyone is provided with equal opportunities to find love, they decided to move to a mobile app platform, Inclov. Inclov is globally the first matchmaking app which is accessible to one billion people with disability worldwide and matches people on the basis cure availability, medical condition, level of independence and lifestyle choices.

Last year, she raised funds for project loveability on which found the support of 143 backers. She is also assisting the Government of India with their Accessible India campaign.

Kalyani loves to travel and is a wanderer at heart.

High point in career

I am not very driven towards creating a career. I am more of a mission- person. But my highest point was on 21st January 2016 when I finally got to launch Inclov.

Most challenging assignment so far

I have constantly pushed myself with challenging milestones; but the most challenging so far has been to make this mobile app especially since it is commercial in nature and not charity-driven. I still feel that my most challenging assignment is yet to begin.

Greatest inspiration

One of the world’s greatest author Haruki Mukarami. I feel our generation is losing the art of imagination and day dreaming. He is a dreamer, his books sells on absurd imaginary concepts like fishes falling from the sky and human talking to the cat. Who knows if that is actually happening in some part of the world or universe? He lives a very simple life in Tokyo and inspires the best of my thoughts at work.

Most important milestone in life

I got my two favorite people join my team here in the office of Inclov. They are the greatest assets I have so far. One is from Colombia and being a small start-up, it was actually a struggle to get her here in India.

Women are the better halves. What does it mean?

My co-founder, Shankar Srinivasan is obviously a male. I think we are moving towards where women are the other halves 🙂